Friday, April 27, 2007

Writer's Challenge Winning Entries

Hi all,

I thought it time to now post some details about the winning entries for the Writer’s Challenge. We had many excellent entries.

To recap, once again, we posted several pieces of artwork and asked our readers to devise a story synopsis or outline and then choose from a list of pro-authors to actually write the given stories. The winning entries will be included in the yearly Aberrant Dreams anthology released later this year.

I now present the winners. Please congratulate them as appropriate.

Winner 1
Entry by: Stephen Eley
Author Selected: S. P. Somtow
Picture: Into the Light,
, by Bill Corbett

Winner 2
Entry by: Byron Merritt
Author Selected: John C. Snider
Picture: Black Widow,
by Bill Corbett

Winner 3
Entry by: Lea Schizas
Author Selected: Christina Barber
Picture: Sense of Beauty,
by Liiga Smilshkalne

Winner 4
Entry by: Susan Jones
Author Selected: Chesya Burke
Picture: RCH04,
by Ryan Church

Winner 5
Entry by: Tina Sena
Author Selected: Ian Watson
Picture: Firefly,
by Michael Leadingham

Winner 6
Entry by: Bill Spencer
Author Selected: Alastair Reynalds
Picture: Nomad,
by David Deen

Winner 7
Entry by: Angel Nauck
Author Selected: Rob Shelsky
Picture: Archangel,
by Melissa Gay

Winner 8
Entry by: Melissa Brown
Author Selected: Jana G. Oliver
Picture: Astronomer,
by Melissa Gay

Winner 9
Entry by: Leslie Bailey and Jerry Whitley
Author Selected: Howard V. Hendrix
Picture: Balloon Battle,
by Ryan Church

Winner 10
Entry by: Debbie Kennison
Author Selected: Mary Rosenblum
Picture: The Red Sea,
by Camille Kuo

As you can see, we have quite an interesting line-up.

Joe :-)

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Editors Selected--Please Welcome...

Okay, all those involved have been contacted, and I can now announce all of our new editors. Now, without further ado, please help welcome the new members of Aberrant Dreams.

Colleen Anderson
Sharon Black
Angelyne Bosch
Kave Catheson
Sara King
Richard Raucci
Marcie Tentchoff

Of particular note, with the addition of Marcie Tentchoff, Aberrant Dreams will once again start accepting poetry submissions. Expect to see more information about this in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who tried out for the positions.

Joe :-)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Editor Selection Nearing Completion

Well, the email responses have been sent out to everyone, and the new editors have been selected. There were far more interested editors out there than I had realized--a lot more, and in the week (yes that's one week) we received almost fifty applicants. That is why it took more time to cycle through the trial story edits than I had anticipated.

Once I receive the return emails from the final two, I will announce the new members of our team.

Joe :-)